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Purewhip Cream Chargers - 2 Case Special

Purewhip Cream Chargers - 2 Case Special

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Code: CA-WCC-PW-1200
Shipping Weight: 36.50 kgs
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50 boxes of 24 chargers (1,200 total chargers) Purewhip Cream N2O Chargers

Purewhip nitrous oxide whip cream chargers are our original European-made whip cream charger. Manufactured and certified 100% pure nitrous oxide in the EU, these are very high quality and high value nitrous oxide cartridges! Crafted in the established Liss factory that does a substantial amount of European production (including the Whip-it! Brands and virtually all other North American offerings except our Austrian based products), this product has an exclusive cartridge production protocol that our competitors cannot offer to you. The Purewhip nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers offer the customer high quality and value.

Purewhip is always guaranteed to arrive with a full, 8 gram charge of 100% pure nitrous oxide. Try the brand that changed the industry with its unmatched quality and rock-bottom price!

  • Manufacturer: Hungary
  • Gas Production: Hungary or Germany
  • Point of Export: Austria
  • Notes: Compatible with all standard whip cream dispensers including iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss